Top suitcases ready for your superior vacation

Collect coupons and save up to - 60% on the purchase of products from the Umbro Travel Collection.

Umbro Travel collection was created in accordance with the latest trends of industrial design, carefully taking care of the ergonomic and travel comfort. The overall design and firm weight of light constructions will make your baggage handling almost insensitive.

Case bags are ideal for travel by plane, because they possess a recognized "Travel Sentry" logo. 

Easy unlock is possible during airport control, simply inspection of content and relocking the lock without any damage to the lock.

This system is also referred to as "Travel Sentry" and features case of new generation.

The material used in the production of Umbro Travel range is high quality plastic that suffers maximum-thirds in packaging.

Detailed rules and the list of petrol stations are available here.

The quantities of products from the offer are limited.

Coupons can be collected from May 25 2019. until August 31 2019. The action lasts as long as the supply lasts, and at the latest until 15 September 2019.

Promotion expired